Library History


Here’s the library before it was the library! This building was originally the Fairchild house. Note the front door, we don’t have that one anymore.

Here we see the library in approximately the 1910’s. The front door has been removed and the front windows have been shortened. We believe this was to make room for more wall-mounted book shelves when the building was converted into the library.

Here’s the inside of the library circa 1915. For the curious, the desk on the left is still in use by our Assistant Director and one of the reading tables is still used for displays.

Exterior short from 1978 before any additions were added to the north.

The first north side addition in 1982. This part of the building now has windows on the street side and holds our mystery books, movies, and audiobooks, and has some nice sunny tables to work at.

Here’s a nice interior shot of the library from 1985. If you look closely, you can see some paintings and portraits that we still have up.

Another addition was added to the north side of the Library in 2000-2001. The front door and the circulation desk are now located in the new part of the building.

The front of the library as it looks in 2020.

Around 2016 the Friends of the Library redid this space that held the YA stacks, creating a fun place for teens to hang out or browse the collection.


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