Reminder – Masks Still Required Indoors

I hesitate to even write a post about this, as the times they are a-changin’ a-rapidly, and there’s a-good chance by the time this is published they’ve changed yet a-gain, but given the increase in activity in our building and the constant updating of CDC guidelines, a-few things need a-remindin’. (Don’t worry, I’m abandoning the …

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Baby Steps Toward Normalcy

Effective immediately, the library is ending its 6-day quarantine on returned materials. This policy was based on a ‘better safe than sorry’ interpretation of the REopening Archives, Libraries, and Museums (REALM) Study, a national research project that sought to produce science-based information about how materials can be handled to mitigate COVID-19 exposure to staff and …

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The Month of Many Names

Sure, April is National Library Month, but to us, being a library means collaborating with patrons and organizations for the betterment of the community. So sure, come get a library card (even though National Library Card Sign-Up Month is in September) and all that, but the focus of this column is about another “Month” in …

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The Case for a $300 Increase in Library Funding

Our budget is, in a word, complicated. We receive funding from the Village of Hamilton, the towns of Hamilton, Brookfield, Lebanon, and Madison, Madison County, New York State, private donors, and the Hamilton Central School District. While we can ask politely for an increase in funding from most of those sources, but only the School …

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Drivin’ Diapers, Rafflin’ Baskets, Seussin’ Saturdays

March is going to be an exciting one for us here at the Hamilton Public Library, and we have three big announcements right off the bat! First, we are joining forces with “It Takes a Village Diaper Bank” to distribute diapers to those in need. Donations of diapers in any size will be collected from …

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MTS & HPL, A Fare Deal

A few weeks ago I mentioned in this column that the Madison Transit System/Birnie Bus (MTS) is not only still in operation during COVID-19, but that they were taking donations to sponsor rides for County residents. While this is great news for those that need extra help getting to the grocery store (or going to …

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