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What’s new at the Library this week? Well, you can’t come to us and we can’t come to you, but we can still connect and communicate. Not everyone reads this column and knows that our dropbox is locked, that holds have been suspended, and that due dates have been extended until July 1, so how do we reach those that might have questions and maybe not an email address or the internet? Well, thanks to our patron records, we can call you instead! 

Maybe you have been meaning to learn these digital services we’ve been talking about (, maybe you wanted a reminder about the Census (yes, you can still fill that out), or maybe you just wanted someone to talk to. Maybe there’s something completely unrelated to those topics but still justifies an ask from someone looking to help you with something. As long as you feel comfortable asking us while we’re open, then no topic is off limits. And while staff can’t always answer everything, they can find out information and get back to you. We can also set you up with an appointment with our County Tech Trainer Amanda McCallops remotely, or you can also do that yourself right now by emailing her at

Is the staff happy to be telemarketing? Not entirely, so please be nice to them! This is why we include ‘other duties as assigned’ somewhere in everyone’s job description. So how does this work, are we calling everyone? We’re starting with patrons over the age of 60 (and you wondered why we ask for your birthday on your card application), then moving on to patrons over the age of 50, then finishing with patrons with ‘no birthday’ recorded and eyeballing it (this is why we ask for your birthday). After that, we’ll see how it goes.

If you would rather not receive a phone call or talk to us, just let us know and we’ll move on to the next patron. If you don’t want to wait to be called, please call and leave a message (we finally figured out how to set that up!) at (315) 824-3060. 

Thank you for reading, stay safe, and support local businesses!

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