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Isn’t Thanksgiving the best? What’s better than delicious food and a shared experience with those that matter to you most? What I like most is the holiday’s name. The idea of giving thanks, either implied or stated explicitly, is something we should not take for granted. Even in times of stress and transition, it’s good to remember that there is always a silver lining and that you have experienced blessings in the last year. Find something to be thankful for and take this opportunity to share it with those you care about. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable expressing thanks to others, at least acknowledge them to yourself. If at all possible, write a newspaper column about it!

Unsurprisingly, I would like to take this opportunity to share what I’m thankful for, from the perspective of my role as Public Library Director in the Village of Hamilton. First, I want to thank the staff. (This is already sounding like some kind of acceptance speech, so bear with me here.) (Now that I think about it, reading acknowledgements in a book is usually my least favorite part about the book, so maybe this column was a bad idea. Okay, maybe I like the ‘information on the font’ less than acknowledgements but I digress.) 

Deb, thank you for making this place spotless for all of our patrons. Please never retire. Dan, Caprice, Cassie, Joan, Renee, Wendy, Anne Marie, Cathi, Nancy, Amy, and Kathy, thank you so much for serving on the front lines of literacy and information. The work you do often can seem tedious but is incredibly important to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Diana, thank you for your creativity and communication skills, and for organizing our calendar in a way that works for everyone. Liza, thank you for your patience in dealing with an inconsistent, confusing, and seemingly unqualified Library Director, but also for your willingness to step up when things need to get done and your excellent problem-solving skills. 

Thanks also to the Board of Trustees, the Friends of the Library, the folks over at the Village of Hamilton, and most of all, to all of our patrons for supporting us. We are lucky to live in a village that cares so deeply about fostering an inclusive space for self improvement. 

Also, as usual, thank you for reading. Now go enjoy your turkey!

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