Thankscrafting OR Craftsgiving? You Decide.

Before you ask, the answer is “yes, it’s too early to put out Christmas decorations!” That’s because Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and brown just happens to be my favorite color. Combine that brown with some yellow and orange, and you’ve got yourself just about the best color scheme out there. And so to answer your next question, “no, it’s NOT too early to put up Thanksgiving decorations!” But it might be time to take the skeletons and rotting pumpkins off of your porch.

So why am I telling you this? After all, this is the Hamilton Public Library column, not Emily Post. Well, dear reader, I’m just here to let you know that the Library is hosting some really cute Thanksgiving crafts just in time for the holiday! And like me, perhaps you don’t actually have many (or any) Thanksgiving decorations to put up. Well hold on to your hats, because all that is about to change.

On Monday, November 25 (which is a half day at Hamilton Central School) starting at 2:30, you won’t believe what we have planned! Stop in, hang out, and make some calico corn, pumpkins, and turkeys out of pipecleaners, beads, and pinecones. All materials will be provided – just bring yourself and anyone else who wants to get creative! This is an all ages activity so nobody is too young or too old to make some really cute holiday crafts. No signups necessary. For more information, contact the library.

And then, after Thanksgiving, maybe it’s okay to start putting up your stockings, trees, wreaths, and lights. Just make sure you get plenty of brown and orange in the mix in the next week or two. 

Thanks for reading and have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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