Every Summer Reading Program (SRP) is different around here, and no two programs are exactly alike. I’m sure this is true everywhere, but for the Hamilton Public Library part of the reason for the variety is due to the high turnover rate of our Events Coordinators (ECs). Unfortunately for us, this position seems to be a great stepping-stone towards getting a great job elsewhere, resulting in the last four years (at least) being the first – and only – SRP each EC schedules! While the prospect of yet another new EC running the show can be daunting, Diana Cassulis (DC), our latest EC, does have the advantage of working at the library for a few years before she took on her new role. 

EC DC’s SRP was definitely one for the books, with 46 programs and 775 attendees. We took advantage of the Thursdays on the Green concert series, providing some family entertainment and activities before some stellar performances. 

Aside from programs, our patrons that participated in the ‘reading’ part of the program had the opportunity to win dozens of prizes donated by 41 local businesses (listing them all here would exceed my word limit for sure). The total support generated from our local business community was over $3,000 in prizes, giveaways, and program sponsorship. A full list of business partners is available on our website. 

While all those prizes are great, you are probably wondering how Hamilton folks did at reading this summer. Well, the nearly 200 patrons that tracked their reading more than doubled the minutes read from last year’s participants, with an increase in both adult and teen participants, bringing the total hours read to 596 hours!

So if you see EC DC, please congratulate her on a successful summer. And if we’re lucky, she might even stick around for next year!

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