The Lost Column

Yes, readers, I still have a column. I apologize for missing last week, although it wasn’t for a lack of trying. All Friday I had this blank Google Doc open but kept saying “I’ll just take care of this one paperwork thing” as a way to combat writer’s block. While that approach didn’t end up with a completed column by my deadline, it was a very effective way for me to get paperwork done! As I had yet to miss a deadline in my year-and-a-half appointment here, I just assumed the thing would write itself. Through snow, hectic days, and even my Birthday (today, July 12), I’ve managed to turn in something for the last 75 weeks or so – so what made last week different?

Well, a few things actually – the biggest one was that “column Friday” was also our Assistant Director’s last day. Combine that with planning two Summer Reading Programs (here and Lebanon) AND being the week before the Trustees meeting AND the library’s Certificates of Deposit all being up for renewal… well, like I said, I got a lot of paperwork done.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing this column – in a way it’s kind of my dream job. As a journalism student, I never really wanted to write articles, my endgame was to write weekly columns like Pulitzer Prizewinner Leonard Pitts. Now, I’m no Leonard Pitts, or even a Tom Morgan for that matter, but this column has allowed me to live out one of my former dreams, even if it does feel like a chore sometimes. 

So this week, rather than give you a ‘what’s happening at the library’ even though there’s a LOT happening here at the library, I just waxed poetic about the fact that I missed last week which, in turn, made this two weeks of no real information coming from the very place that prides itself on having an abundance of information and activity. Maybe next week I’ll get into the nitty gritty of something exciting happening here, but until then I’ll just say ‘thanks for reading!’

Oh, and I also owe a ‘thanks’ to the following businesses for donating to our Summer Reading Program: The Colgate Inn, Community Bank, Hamilton Area Community Coalition, Ravenswood Comics, the Utica Zoo, and the Zen Den all chipped in to make this a Summer Reading Program that’s definitely worth your time. Stop in to see how you can win some amazing prizes just by using your local library!

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