Thank you, voters!

It’s one thing to hear a community member voice their support of the library, and another to see that support at the polls. Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to vote for our budget for the upcoming fiscal year. We promise to put your tax dollars to work to improve our collection and services in a way that will benefit all of us the most.

Right now, those tax dollars are funding me sitting here writing this column (or blog if you’re reading this on our website) so I better make it interesting. And as much as this may surprise you, the thing I find most interesting are library statistics, so here are your election results!

Last year, many more community members turned out to vote (than in any other year we have information about), 612 in all, and 86% of you voted to approve our budget! This year, the turnout was not as overwhelming with only 299 votes tallied, but 81.3% of you voted in favor of our tax levy. Collectively, you also voted almost exactly the same way in support of Hamilton Central School’s budget, with 301 votes tallied and 80.1% voting in favor of their budget.

Compared to other districts, the Observer Dispatch reported a 100% passage of school and library budgets this year. Statewide for the previous year, over 97% of these budgets passed making this a state that is very supportive of education – and libraries!

Thanks for reading, thanks for voting, and thanks just for using our library! To the 18.7% of you that did not vote to support us, feel free to drop me a line, all my contact information is below. If there’s anything that we could do better, we will try to do better! Well, except for writing this column. This is pretty much as good as it gets, sorry!

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