No Annual Book Sale =(

This year, the Friends of the Library has decided against having a book sale on Labor Day weekend.

You’re probably asking “Why?” Well, lots of reasons, actually! First, we lack the space and resources needed to conduct a book sale of the magnitude we have in the past. Our storage capacity is too small, which forces us to receive and sort donations on-site during a short period of time. This can be very demanding on the Friends, but also is a detriment to Library programming during what should be the peak of activity. Where our June and July is filled with Summer Reading Programs, our Community Room is taken up completely with book sale preparation for all of August. Historically, Hamilton’s Summer Recreation Program also concludes in early August (and this year is no exception) meaning there are few organized village activities for almost a full month.

What you may not realize, and forgive me for glossing over some of the more boring aspects of running a large book sale, is that many of your donated books end up getting discarded. In previous years, the Friends of the Library were able to ship many books to organizations that have since changed their business model, making it more difficult to process a large volume of titles at once. This forces the Friends to throw away many books that would have previously been sold to Better World Books.

So now you might be asking, “won’t the loss of Book Sale revenue hurt the Friends’ ability to support the library?” And that’s a great question. The proceeds of the sale, while significant, only represent a small portion of the Friends’ income. Their largest source of funds are donations received from the hundreds of generous people in our community. Thanks to those donations and their reserves, they are confident that they will be able to continue their support for Library programs and facilities. For more information on what the Friends do and how you can contribute, please refer to the annual newsletter that you should have received in your mailbox a few weeks ago!

If you were counting on donating books to the sale and don’t know what to do with them now, there are other nearby libraries like Cazenovia and Kirkland that accept donations for their larger sales – just make sure you call them first! The Salvation Army also accepts used book donations.

Lastly, this change doesn’t mean you can’t purchase books from the library. As you may be aware, there is a small, ongoing book sale in the Library’s entryway. This sale is stocked with books, DVDs, and CDs and is often restocked with new titles, and as of June 1, the proceeds of this sale will directly benefit the Friends of the Library!

Thank you for understanding and adjusting to this change. The decision was not made lightly, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. As always, my contact information is below. Thank you also to Friends President David Hopper who helped ask and answer the questions above!

Connect with/complain to Travis Olivera at the Hamilton Public Library by phone at (315) 824-3060 or by email at  


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