Brookfield? More Like BOOKfield!

What do Town of Brookfield Supervisor Loren Corbin, Colgate Director of Teacher Preparation Dr. Meg Gardner, Brookfield Central School Librarian Shelley Elliott, Hamilton Public Library Trustee Larry LeClair, and myself have in common? We have all been working together to build and install a Little Free Library in the Town of Brookfield

Located in the parking lot right across from the Brookfield Town Hall on the corner of Academy Road and Main Street, this little structure didn’t get built overnight. First, for a project of this caliber we had to have numerous meetings with Supervisor Corbin on where he thought it would most benefit the community. After that, Trustee Larry LeClair started in on construction, making it identical to our other Little Free Library in Lebanon. Mr. LeClair had a little help installing it – with Dr. Gardner’s ‘Inquiry In the Schools’ students, who also provided about 20 books for the first ‘fill.’

While most Little Free Libraries follow the basic guidelines of ‘Take a book, leave a book,’ if you don’t have a book to leave, don’t feel bad! School Librarian Shelley Elliott and myself will be responsible for keeping an eye on the Little Free Library and filling it as needed throughout the year, no matter what the weather!

This is the third Little Library Branch in our service area, as last year we installed one at the Hubbardsville Mall and one at the Lebanon Community Center. All three of these spots are in pockets of our community that are underserved by libraries. The purpose of these Little Free Libraries is to bring a cost-effective solution to the need for library services. As mentioned above, they are routinely checked to ensure they are in working order and filled with books donated by patrons throughout the year. To answer your next question, no we do NOT need more books donated to us. We have plenty!

It’s times like this that I really appreciate working in a community that strives to expand literacy and access to good quality materials beyond the walls of our building. This is a project that could not have been completed without a team of truly dedicated people. Thanks again to everyone who made this happen, to those already mentioned and also to former Library Hamilton Public Library Director Hilary Virgil Deskiewicz and former Brookfield Supervisor John Salka, who came up with and/or approved this idea when this plan was being introduced years ago.

I look forward to whatever comes next. Thanks for reading and sharing in our excitement!

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