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For those of you faithful readers of this column that consider yourselves sleuths, gumshoes, or even bona fide detectives, you may have taken note of the following clues:

  1. Julia Heller, our previous Digital Services and Events Coordinator, stepped down from her position at the end of February and
  2. We were hiring a part-time Library Clerk.

Numbers 1 and 2 are not entirely unrelated, and it should be noted that we are not eliminating the position of Events Coordinator. So for those of you that haven’t figured it out yet, I have an exciting announcement: Effective immediately, Diana Cassulis is our new Events Coordinator!

Diana joined the library staff in July 2013 and has been slowly adding more and more responsibilities to her workload since then. While she excels at circulation desk functions, she really seemed to enjoy interacting with our youngest patrons, particularly at storytime. There, she is was able to share her creativity with children, and it’s difficult to tell whether she or the children were having more fun.

While the role of Events Coordinator does not limit her to working with children, she’s looking forward to working with patrons of all ages and is hoping to continue to expand our diverse program offerings to more of you throughout the community.

In addition to being our new Events Coordinator, Diana is studying for a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology through Empire State College and hopes to get her Master’s in Library Science after that. As for books, she prefers mysteries, particularly the works of Georgette Heyer.

Make sure to stop in and congratulate Diana on her new position, we’re very excited to continue to work with her.

Tune in next week, gumshoes, as we attempt to solve the mystery of ‘Who’s the new Library Clerk?’ Until then, this has been another edition of…

The Hastily Thrown-Together Blog!

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