Move Along, Nothing to See Here…

Note: This blog is published in the MidYork Weekly, which in that context explains all the tongue-in-cheek references to that newspaper. That being said, enjoy?

Let’s see, what can I put in the column today? The first thing that comes to mind is to promote Seuss Saturday, an annual Village-wide celebration of the works of Dr. Seuss that takes place on Saturday, March 2, starting here at the library at 10:30 a.m. But since Mike (Jaquays) interviewed me about it, I have a feeling you may have already read some coverage about this event on another page.

I COULD talk about Tech Connect, a collaborative effort made by Madison County libraries to provide drop-in Tech Support county-wide, and how Caren Bertrand will be here on Tuesdays to help individuals with everything from email to job searches. But I won’t, because that’s a county-wide initiative and a seperate press release has already been given to Mike (Jaquays) and will also probably run elsewhere in this paper, though perhaps not this week.

I could ALSO talk about how we collaborated with Earlville Free Library to bring a Summer Reading Program to Lebanon for eight weeks on Tuesdays in July and August at the Lebanon Community Center funded by a grant through the MidYork Library System. But it’s a little early to talk about those plans in full, and plus, we should probably write a press release together rather than just announce it in one column, or maybe we could ask Mike (Jaquays) to write a story about that once it’s more finalized.

It’s also too late to promote our Robotics Open House, which took place last Saturday and introduced our patrons to some new Robotics kits that they can check out (much like our American Girl Dolls), provided with funds from the Sigma Chi Foundation. Those kits are available right now!

So, not much to report today. Maybe next week we’ll have something exciting to report.

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