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As I’m writing this, it’s Valentine’s Day, and Julia Heller, our Events & Digital Coordinator has just officially provided two weeks’ notice. Don’t worry! It’s for a good reason, but you know, a good reason for Julia, just not for the Library.

For those unfamiliar, since October 2017, Julia has been the person who came up with all of our amazing events here and helped advertise them, all while juggling fun things like computer maintenance, tech help, and some of our robust online presence. How Julia was able to do any of this in only 20 hours/week, I will never understand, but it should be noted that these accomplishments were made while maintaining a positive attitude that managed to strike the perfect balance of work and fun.

If you have been affected by Julia’s efforts in the last year and a half, make sure you stop in and offer a farewell between now and Thursday the 28th.

Julia will be missed by staff, Trustees, and Friends, and patrons. Most of all, I will miss all of the good ideas and programs that Julia has helped develop, and for which I have taken most of the credit. Whoever serves as the next Events & Digital Coordinator certainly has some big shoes to fill, and no, we don’t mean literally. The new person will just have to bring their own shoes.

But enough from me, the rest of this column is for Julia to write. Take it away, Julia!

Hello, Hamilton! And also, goodbye. I have enjoyed seventeen wonderful months at the Hamilton Public Library, and have many happy memories of events here. From the joyful madness of Summer Reading to quiet Tech Help sessions, it’s been a blast. I am truly thankful for everything that this community has made possible for me. Thank you, everyone, for everything.

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