Sk8er Bois AND Girls

We have ice skates! And they’re ready to check out! Well, I should clarify: We have one pair of 12Y Hockey skates ready to lend, with another 20-30 pairs nearby and almost cataloged. Further clarification: That 12Y pair also needs a new tag because of a *certain* Library Director’s hasty cataloging and lack of knowledge regarding these ‘iced skates.’

I won’t bore you with the details of what I learned through examining piles of boots with knives running perpendicular to the heel, but it turns out they can be quite complicated! I know it’s been almost a year, but we are finally adding the dozens of donated skates we have received to our collection.

While we get all these skates cleaned, sharpened, and cataloged, I’ll ask one more time: Do you have any skates (preferably children’s in good condition) that need a new home? This Summer I wrote an impassioned plea from the perspective of children’s books that longed to find new homes through the Friends of the Library’s Children’s Book Sale. An earlier draft of today’s column was told through the lens of a lonely pair of skates in your garage until I realized that it sounded eerily familiar.

By the time you’re reading this, we should have at least doubled our selection of available skates. If you have a specific size you’re looking for, give us a call and we might be able to move a specific pair up in the queue. And how do you check them out? With your library card! They check out for one week and are free to use as you see fit during that time. We only ask that you wipe any melted ice (see also: water) off the blades before putting the covers back on. And if you know anyone that needs some 12Y Hockey Skates, well, you know where to send them.

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