Variety – Spice or Strife?

What’s my favorite part of the job? It’s a tough answer, because in the role of Library Director, the things that got me interested in making this my profession have nothing to do with what I do here on a daily basis.

Working out front with the patrons was what inspired me to make this my career. I mean, have you ever seen a kid get excited about the latest book in a series? It’s amazing, and it happens all the time at every library. Have you ever shifted an entire wall full of books so that they all look perfect and uniform? There’s nothing quite like it. Unfortunately I seldom get to experience these thrills working in the office, but I have adapted to enjoy other things.

I’ve taken a liking to spreadsheets in the last few years, and while they’re a pain to set up, they at least come close to that satisfaction from lining up books on a shelf. Looking at them really puts the work I do here into perspective, whether they are representing circulation, income, expenditures, or program statistics.

What I really like most is also one of the most frustrating – the variety that this job has to offer. Right now, it’s column-writing time, but I haven’t even checked all my email yet, have a small pile of cash on my desk to deposit, monthly bills to pay, a Trustees meeting to prep for, a policy binder open to a specific page that has an issue that needs resolving, books to deliver, and information about a cash register to send to another Director (hi, Sherri!), AND SO MUCH MORE. There is no set routine, which can be problematic but at least it never gets old.

But what’s my favorite part of this job? It’s writing this column of course!

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