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As you are reading this, the library might be closed. No, not forever – just for the holidays! It’s a special season and you may not know our schedule, so definitely check or website or social media accounts to see what’s going on.

But what are you supposed to do if we’re closed and you ABSOLUTELY need library services? Well, assuming you want to read magazines, books, or comic books, watch movies and TV, or listen to audiobooks and music, we’ve got you covered. Using our digital services, you can do all those things from the comfort of your own home – or someone else’s home!

Now some of you might be reading this, thinking “but Travis, I already use your digital services!” Yes, reader, you might be thinking that, but here’s the thing – of the roughly 3,500 registered borrowers that marked this as their ‘home’ library, only 158 of you used electronic resources last month. That’s only 4.5% of you, and that means 95% of our patrons are not using our digital collections. I’m fairly certain more than 4.5% of you have smartphones or tablets.

So here’s what 95% of you can do: If you want to check out books and audiobooks, download the app Overdrive (aka Libby); for magazines, download RBDigital; and for everything else, download Hoopla onto your tablets or smartphones. Did I already mention that all of these programs are free, there are no late fees or return dates to worry about, and that oftentimes you can start reading or watching content immediately and they’re available offline?

After that, you’ll need your library card number, your PIN, and to know what your home library is. If you’re not sure what any or all of those requirements are, you can always call the library, assuming we’re open…

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