Full Disclosure – This Blog is Just my Newspaper Column.

As I open the Google Doc to write this week’s column, it is done in between some other year-end tasks – the most pressing of which is my first annual self evaluation to present to the Board of Trustees.  While I won’t bore you with what I feel my strengths and weaknesses are, I think this is a good opportunity to reflect on the year I’ve spent writing this column.

In 52 weeks, at 350 words per column, I’ve written over 18,000 words, which is sort of the length of a novella.  Not quite an “Animal Farm,” which clocks in at about 30,000, but I’ll have exceeded that count by this time next year.  As you know from reading, this column has covered topics ranging from advertising specific programs to a meandering, arguably pointless look inside the life of a librarian, or what I call “filler.”  Like the library itself, these columns offer a bit of information on a number of topics, some well-written and some, well… written.

Either way, I always meet my deadline, which I interpret as “after I receive that reminder email at about 1:30 on Fridays from Kathy at the MidYork office with the subject line reading ‘Column?’”  Sometimes these columns are planned out in advance, but often are an exercise in how quickly I can get it done between working on three other things on what normal people would call “lunchtime.”

In all seriousness, I was surprised at the response these columns have been getting, and am grateful that I was given this forum to discuss issues like racism, poverty, and censorship.  But that’s what the library is for – we are not here to shy away from the difficult questions but to embrace them and learn how to better our society moving forward. Thanks to everyone for reading!

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