Thanks Giving

Happy Thanksgiving!  Or at least it should be if you are reading this on publication day.  If not, at least Thanksgiving should have been a recent memory. If you are reading this in the distant future, then hello from the past!  I hope you are enjoying this column on your commute to Earth 2. Safe travels!

Returning to the assumption that you’re reading this on Thanksgiving, I’ll interpret this holiday literally and use this column as an opportunity to offer a tremendous Thank You to all of our staff, volunteers, Trustees, Friends, community members, and patrons that have all worked to make this a wonderful community center for everyone.  

If you read this column regularly, you know there is no shortage of collaboration with generous agencies, businesses, and individuals as they’re thanked on a weekly basis.  There really is not enough room in this column to thank everyone at once, which is a fun problem to have! Even this week, I have a note to thank everyone that helped with the Friends of the Library’s Election Day Bake Sale.  From those of you that donated delicious baked goodies to those of you with sweet tooths that couldn’t resist said baked goodies, we wanted to show our appreciation for your support. On a related note, yes, we did look up the plural for ‘sweet tooth,’ and yes, we counted that as a reference transaction.

As you sit down to dine with your friends and loved ones, remember to offer them a Thank You for all they have done to make your life easier over better over the past year.  Since joining this community in January, I really do mean the Thank You I write to you, dear reader. You have made this a wonderful place to work and I look forward to working with all of you in 2019 and beyond.  

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