Little Free Library in Lebanon a Must-See!

First, if you haven’t signed up to bring a baked good to the Friends of the Library’s bake sale on Election Day (Tuesday, November 6), consider this your reminder.  Or just make sure to bring some extra dough (money, not actual bread dough, unless you plan on turning it into a baked good) on Election Day to buy something delicious.  You won’t regret it! 

Now that that little reminder is out of the way, it’s time to talk about What’s New at the Library!  Well, this week, the newest thing isn’t exactly ‘at’ the library, rather ‘affiliated with’ the library.  The Town of Lebanon now has a Little Free Library!  Hamilton Public Library Trustee Larry LeClair and his partner Sue LeClair designed, painted, and set up the structure, Eric Ingraham donated some of the materials and David and Susan Beattie (another HPL Trustee) helped transport it. 

This particular Little Free Library is located outside the Lebanon Community Center at 5370 Lebanon Road in Earlville.  There you can find information on our upcoming events and take some free books!  Like all Little Free Libraries, they are based around the concept of ‘take a book, leave a book,’ but we’re given so many donations year-round right in our building, we don’t mind re-stocking if you just want to follow the first part of that saying.  Ideally, myself or another library staff member will refill the library on a monthly basis. 

Oh, and the other new thing that’s ‘at’ the library is our classic video game corner!  Stop in and use the classic version of the Nintendo Entertainment System or the Super NES – just ask someone at the circulation desk for more information.  Thanks for reading and read you next week!  What?  Still 15 words left?  Ok, well here’s next month’s Tuesday Classic Movie Theme: Westerns.

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