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Well that was fast.  It’s already September 20th and I guess it’s time to start talking about… October?  Sure! The library is continuing to offer new and exciting programs this month, and there will be another free edition of Chair Yoga with Kriss Young from the Zen Den on Monday, October 8, at 10:00 a.m.  To supplement that, we’ll be holding the first of our Guided Meditation courses on Saturday, October 13 at 11 a.m.

Also (starting at the end of September, technically), we’ll be kicking off Tuesday Classic Movies, every – you guessed it – Tuesday evening at 5:00.  Beginning on September 25, we’re showing the classic ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ in conjunction with National Voter Registration Day, and October we’ll be showing five black-and-white monster movies.  As nonprofit government institutions, libraries have different restrictions on movie licenses than theaters do. While I would love to get into the minutiae of copyright law, I’ll just say that the Friends of the Library purchased a ‘blanket’ movie license for us (thanks, Friends!) that allows us to show pretty much anything we want.  All we had to do was figure out how best to use this license that would benefit the library and not compete with any local businesses.

So why Tuesdays?  Why Classics? Why Movies?  Well, it’s not just an opportunity to rip off the cable channel.  This decision was made in collaboration with Sean Nevison from the Hamilton Movie Theater (thanks, Sean!).  First and foremost, the movie theater is closed on Tuesdays. Easy peasy. Next!

Talking with Sean, he mentioned that the theater USED to have ‘Classic Movie’ nights, but they had to be discontinued due to a loss in revenue.  And with that, Tuesday Classic Movies at the library was born! See you Tuesday!

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