A Changing of the Guard

Well, the day is finally here.  Assistant Director Meghan Milligan’s last day is Friday, July 20.  I’ve been in denial about it, but I suppose it’s finally time to admit that she’s actually leaving us.  To me, Meghan has been an invaluable asset, always able to find the file I was looking for even if I didn’t know the file’s name.  To staff members, she has been a supervisor who is both approachable and supportive. To patrons, she has been a knowledgeable, helpful person always ready to jump in and find the solution to your problem.  

She never shied away from a difficult task or thought too much about fixing what needed to be done.  I’ve seen her put up new soap dispensers (with her own drill that she brought from home) as well as repaint an old bookshelf to repurpose it for a Little Free Library.  She rarely needed to be asked to do anything, and never needed to be asked twice.

Meghan has been making the library look good in many ways.  Online, through revamping our website. In-house, by selecting new books and ensuring we have plenty of fun and engaging book displays.  She goes above and beyond so often that those words have lost all meaning.

While we are sad she’s on her way out, we are excited to welcome a new member to our team.  Starting on July 23, Kristin Jeter joins us as our new Assistant Director. Hailing from Liverpool, Kristin is a recent graduate of the Syracuse University iSchool and has worked on many interesting and innovative projects in the region.  

So depending on when you read this, be sure to stop in and wish Meghan well on her next adventure or welcome Kristin to the neighborhood.  

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