Automatic Renewals, Wireless Printing, & Little Free Libraries, Oh My!

Some weeks, finding something to write about for a Library column is difficult.  This week, however, some really big, exciting this are happening! I know, you’re probably thinking “the Library can’t possibly be exciting” and now you’re thinking “I wouldn’t have capitalized ‘library’ in my thoughts,” well, you’re wrong about both.  Everyone knows Libraries are super-exciting and we now have proof of your thought grammar. Deal with it. On to the excitement: Let’s talk about automatic renewals!

If you have a book checked out and it’s almost due, you used to have to contact us or log on to the website, click a box, hit submit, and then maybe get the item renewed.  Now, if your book is almost due and it has not reached its renewal limit and no other patron has put the book on hold, our system will work its magic and you can have the book longer.  It’s that simple. This covers all physical checkouts that exceed 7 days, so no movies, but TV shows will be auto-renewed, as will books and audiobooks.

Next up: we now offer printing from your portable devices.  Tired of having to log on to one of our computers just to print something out that already exists on your phone?  Just walk in and join our wireless network and print directly from that there phone! “That’s all fine and dandy,” you’ll say, adding, “but what will this cost me?”  Fear not, dear reader, for the cost for black and white prints is STILL $0.20 per page. Oh, and I almost forgot to add, prints can now be made in color. Those will cost a whopping $0.50 per page.

Lastly, there’s a really cute Little Free Library over at the Hubbardsville Mall.  Next time you stop in, grab a book on us!  No guarantees on whether Jason Aldean will be there to help you make your selection though…

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