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Having trouble with those infernal electronic devices?  Getting lost navigating the world wide web? Are you sick of harassing friends and family for technical assistance?  The library can help! We may not be a squad of geeks, but at least we won’t attempt to sell you an extended warranty during our conversation.  

For questions big and small, schedule a one-on-one session during ‘Tech Help Mondays’ between the hours of 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. on Mondays (obviously) with the library’s Technical Services Coordinator by calling us at (315) 824-3060.  Or, if you have email figured out, send a message to to set up an appointment or tutorial.  Drop-in visits are welcome but due to the popularity of this program availability may change.  

We’ll also do our best to answer any technical queries you have during any of our other open hours.  If you attempt this, however, you run the risk of not getting the absolute best service available. We promise our Technical Services Coordinator is worth the wait!  She consistently goes above and beyond our expectations. One time, she even called a cell phone company to help get a patron who is hard of hearing signed up for their service.  Yes, you read that correctly. She called a cell phone company on behalf of one of our patrons. I’d never call one on behalf of myself! Sorry cell phone companies – your customer service isn’t quite up to our high standards here at the library.

Don’t do Mondays?  We’ll work with you.  Starting in May we’ll be adding Friday sessions to field more of your questions.  Note to self: Change the name of ‘Tech Help Mondays’ in May.

Due to the popularity of this program, we are limiting appointments to 30 minutes each day.


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